Pa 35-70

Characteristics and performance

  • Specific motor-driven pump for machine tools
  • Motor-driven pump with dip tube without sealing rings
  • Degree of protection against the penetration of liquids: IP 54
  • Extruded aluminium casing protected from anodic oxidation
  • AISI 303 stainless steel crankshaft
  • CW long-life bearings in semi-rigid supports: almost total absorption of vibrations and noise.
  • Parts of the motor are made of non-flammable thermoplastic material in accordance with the following standards: VDE 0730 and UL 94
  • The PA 35M -PA 70M type motor-driven pumps can have the following input voltage: V 220/240/50 or V 380/400/50

Various notes and warnings

  • The motor-driven pump can run properly even in the presence of small foreign bodies in the recirculation liquid
  • The inlet pipe of the motor-driven pump is compatible with the quick-fit couplings
  • We can supply motors with input voltages and frequencies that meet the specific needs of the customer
  • On request we can supply cables with “SHUKO” or “FELLER” type plugs